Health Care and Environmental Services

Expertise for Health Care Providers

Advanced Disaster Recovery Inc. provides full-scale and turnkey emergency services, disaster restoration, and reconstruction services. Our ICRA trained and certified staff are uniquely qualified and equipped to perform ICRA Class III & IV containment and risk management.  Working directly with your hospital’s General Contractors, Advanced Disaster Recovery Inc. is your containment and infection control solution at the most critical moment of exposure.

  • Minimize outbreak severity
  • Isolate to a controllable space with barrier management
  • Eliminate potential risk from the area
  • Monitor the effectiveness of the entire strategy

Infection Control

We have received specialized training covering infection control and exposure risks during restoration for healthcare facilities.

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STARC Containment

STARC Systems modular wall panels provide a safe, secure, and attractive containment solution for construction projects.

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Planning & Preparedness

Advanced Disaster Recovery Inc. provides comprehensive disaster planning and preparedness services for health care facilities.

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24-Hour Emergency Response Line: 845-294-8919

Advanced Disaster Recovery Inc. Claims Specialists are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

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